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$20.00 AUD
Hosting with Website Builder
On top of unlimited email accounts, you'll also be able to easily build your website or online shop, and manage it from anywhere with BaseKit. With hundreds of free templates to choose from, you can set your site up exactly how you'd like it within a couple of hours. This package has a storage limit of 10GB.

You can use this package to store a traditional website online, or access our control panel to build and manage your website yourself from anywhere.
$10.00 AUD
Website Hosting Only
With YourWebsite, you get unlimited access to emails and sub-domains so your website can grow with your business. This package has a monthly storage limit of 5GB.

This is the right plan to select if you're planning on uploading your website files to a server, if you're only going to use your site for emails, or if your site has been built already.

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